How to Grow Your Revenue

in the Experience Economy

Let's Talk "Hospitali-Tea"

Maybe you want to host engaging events within your organization, or as part of your corporate hospitality brand to captivate your audience. Maybe you want to start provide an upscale a tea service. You aim to intentionally grow your bottom line, while staying relevant as you dive deep into the 'Experience Economy'.

Or maybe you have no idea what this is but know you need to leverage your business, provide more engagement with your guests and visitors and not get left behind.

Tea Room Secrets is your online resource designed to help.

Tina Jesson is an Extraordinary Experiences Creator. Best known as a British Tea Service, Etiquette and Cultural Historian. She is Founder of Tea Room Secrets and Tina's Traditional Tea Rooms & Experiences. She provides consultancy for immersive cultural experiences, training, business coaching & business development retreats, in the USA & UK for the hospitality industry.

Tina works with historical properties, social organizations, private members clubs, corporate hospitality, upscale restaurants, elegant tearooms & boutique hotels. Ranging from business owners who need to get clear about what they offer and how to create & market their unique experience; through to companies wanting to create their own unique blend of 'extraordinary experiences' at their locations via upscale tea service & period events for their guests, members, clients and teams.

With over 20 years of business experience & after developing hundreds of tea service & event experiences, Tina  will work with you to define your service offer, reveal how to train your team to support the experience and help you to implement & develop your revenue stream, providing a strong brand experience which will enable you to maximize on your investment, drive increased revenue and grow profits and most of all, stay relevant in the...

"Experience Economy"


  • Hospitality

  • Corporate Client & Team Events

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Elegant Tea Rooms

  • Historical Properties

  • Golf, Country & Membership Clubs

  • Wineries & Farms


Need help making your business more profitable?

How this one additional revenue stream can turn higher profit margins. 

Learn online, at your own pace or within our community at the next Business Retreat.



Have a historical location? Learn how to leverage high margin tea centric experiences. Be it an upscale formal afternoon tea service or a themed dinner event, you'll learn how to do it and get training to implement it.



From fun filled afternoon tea parties, baking classes and tea tastings through to fast-paced etiquette & networking workshops & dinners


Learn how to surprise & delight your members, VIP clients & guests as you cater an experience which becomes the definition of your brand through adding an upscale Engaging EXtraordinary

Event Experience which they will remember you by.

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. I've personally had many challenges and failures. Somethings I'm not that proud of and certainly things I would do differently, but its what you learn from it is what really matters. No one is perfect and its puts stress on us to try to be. And learning to let go of that negative energy, which, if you let it, sucks your energy like an energy vampire, and ties you all up inside, so your light dims and you can't go out in to the world as the beacon of light you wish you were.

With Tea Room Secrets coaching and retreat programs, you’ll learn about setting personal standards and boundaries and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. You'll learn how to connect with Source or God or whatever greater entity you believe in and how that connection, taking time to deliberately reduce stress and dancing life's dance, can help you realign with your true self, so you can start to pour your love over those you love and of cause your yummy guests, your lovely team, your personal & business connections.

They don't say 'put on your own oxygen mask on first' for nothing!

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