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Tina talks about the Tea Room Secrets closed facebook group. If you'd like to become a member of that group you can find it by going to Please answer the questions even if you haven't got a tea related business yet but are interested in starting one. Otherwise you won't be allowed to join the group.

Below is a collection of videos Tina has created as part of the Ask Tina Anything series. You can come back here anytime to find the latest videos or if you missed a post.

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20 Additional Profitable Revenue Streams

Adding additional revenue streams to your tearoom or tea related business is a must if you want to operate at a profit. Tina shares 20 of her most profitable revenue streams. 

Ask Tina Anything

Coaching for Tea Business Owners.

In this group coaching video we look at

1.adding tea party catering to an existing business as a new revenue stream or as a starting point for tea business owners

2. How to get advertising with no advertising budget.

Ask Tina Anything May 2019

Coaching for Tea Business Owners.

In this group coaching video Tina shares her wisdom with 3 tea business owners

1. 50 Ways to add additional revenue

2. Fear and Mindset

3. How taking little steps helps you build confience

Be The Boss

After they both took the leap from their careers in the police force, they now love being their own bosses. Claire and Nick, own Rose and Olive vintage themed catering, at their newly opened tearoom in Uckfield, East Sussex. UK