What does it really take to run a Tea business  so you make more and work less?

This free kit is the first step and will show you how.

The Tea Room Secrets Business Owner...

Is HIGHLY Passionate and Creative.

Longs to have a HIGHLY leveraged business, not requiring them 24x7. So they can take time off without worry.


Works LESS in the business day to day & has less STRESS than ever before.

Enjoys plentiful REVENUE... but it's not their main motivation.


Desires to create a business on their terms. After all, you are the creator of your business. It should be fun, inspiring & fulfilling.

These are the aspirations of a Tea Room Secrets Business Owner.

Sound like you? (Or who you aspire to be?) Then we've got gifts just for you...

In The Tea Room Secrets Business Kit you receive expert knowledge and game-changing strategies that give you the ability to think differently about your business. It has everything you need to know about predictably growing your business (without sacrificing your life) and specifically what you need to do exactly that.

The Tea Room Secrets Business Kit™ is a comprehensive collection of resources that will help you go from overwhelm, confusion and frustration in your business to control, clarity and confidence. Its contents will give you new concepts you didn't know existed, so you learn how to quickly get new results, experience exponential growth and enjoy your life again.

In this business kit you will receive...

  1. 1 hour video training program from Tina Jesson based on her talk at The World Tea Expo on how to start, grow and market your tea business.

  2. 20 Ways to attract more business for Tea Room Owners - 10 online and 10 offline strategies you can start to use immediately. Some you're doing, some you're not, but they all work. The key is to slowly and systematically add these to the way you market yourself and you'll get results. Start right away and do one at a time. 

  3. Samples of Strategic Objectives and Core Operating Procedures which will help you find absolute clarity and define what business you are in (and what business you are not in) and be the foundation of building your team and growing beyond just you. The first step in getting your life back.

  4. Invitation to join the Tea Room Secrets closed facebook group which provides a community of like minded business owners. This is where Tina shares the strategies that are working for her real time, with fb live videos and tips. This provides a safe place for owners to connect in a non judgmental support group with FREE Q&A sessions. 

Why is the Business Kit free?

This may be the first time you've ever heard of Tea Room Secrets. We understand that sometimes, it's easy to be skeptical about throwing yourself into something new that you may not know much about. We get it. This is why we've created The Tea Room Secrets Business Kit for you and why we send it to you at no charge. 

This is your opportunity to get results in advance, as a taste of what we do for entrepreneurs around the world.

We believe that when you see the value you receive in just this free program, you'll be curious about what else we offer at Tea Room Secrets.