Below is the copy from the email Tina sent out on Friday March 27 2020


"I had a list of 4,000 subscribers on my email list (powered via my wix website) and 6,000 reachable contacts via my pos system Square.

WIthin 24 hours we did $1,500 worth of business - more than we'd had in the prior 10 days combined.

Please feel free to use it, gain ideas from it and start pivoting your business.

Keep thinking - What can I do to help? Rather than coming from a place of fear. You can't take action when you are in fear...

Protecting your mindset now is more important than ever. "

Last year Tina converted her first day of her business retreat into an online training program. Now might be the time to take advantage of it. 

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Help you, feed you, nourish you? 10 ways we can help.

If you love what we’ve been doing at Tina’s over the last 6 years, there are a number of ways we can help serve you.
1. Send a care package to a loved one which includes a scones mix, tea, jam and clotted cream, get your loose leaf immune system boosting tea.
2. Collect an afternoon tea to go and create a little tea party for your little princesses as they get to spend some time doing something fun at the weekend.
3. Order lunch to be delivered or collected once per week. From quiche to finger sandwiches to a hot cup of home made from scratch soup.
4. Order a whole cake for a special birthday or just because what’s not to like about cake!
5. Order from and stock up on your favorites like Cornish Pasties, meat pies, Hot Cross Buns (yes it'll soon be Easter)
6. Order your favorite loose leaf tea online and we’ll mail it to you door.
7. Cater for your team if you are one of the essential workers. We appreciate all your hard work and commitment to keeping us all safe.
8. Buy a gift card to treat yourself when we get back to normal.
9. Pop in to the shop between 11am – 1pm Tuesday – Saturday and pick up a new tea pot or tea cup that makes you smile.
10. Get a hot tea to go on your way home after picking up your groceries.

We need just special 20 people each week to order from us to help us stay afloat in these difficult times. Do you think you could be one of them? We'd love to serve you in some small way.
And remember, you can go out for groceries and food, just remember to keep 6ft apart.