• Take a breath

  • This will not be forever

  • This too shall pass

  • You’re not going through this alone!


1. Be conscious who we get our facts from – and don’t make rash decisions

There are no easy fixes to this situation so if someone is trying to sell you an easy fix “SAY NO”. Turn to people in the business – other owners- ask what is working or not working for them.  That’s what Tea Room Secrets is here for.

Dwelling on the negative runs down your immune system. Focus on what you CAN do and ask for help from a “we can do this’ mindset.

Seek out the good news while not getting sucked in to the bad.

Decide your response to it. Who are you listening too and how does it make you feel. Our physical condition will dictate how much this will affect us. Focus on your own immunity first. Physical and emotional. Stp watching TV news and facebook scares.

2. Focus on your health

Take control of your own immunity

Eat well, sleep well, breathe deeply

You may find yourself feeling more tired than usual. That might be because we’re eating more for comfort than for health. It might be that the stress of the situation is causing a negative effect on your body. Make sure you get enough rest and then rest some more. Without feeling guilty about it. But when the body is strong, your mental health will follow. The quality of your mind will be impacted on the quality of your blood and food you are putting in. I know you drink tea, but limit sugar and alcohol and balance it out with healthier fresh foods when you can.

3. Work on your mindset and don’t make fear based decisions

Psychological immunity. Focusing on others and how you can serve them, takes the focus off you feeling sorry for yourself and lifts your energy.

Remember – the media sells fear to sell more views, newspapers, airtime. So be aware that you are getting sucked in. Only go to trusted sources once per day and don’t engage with the scaremongering, while staying safe.

In any situation that is anxiety producing, it’s the people who go into emotional reactions run down their immune system, go into volatility accentuate and exaggerate things and end up running themselves down and becoming sick.

Now this might be a stretch for some but I saw this meme and it spoke to me.

"How can I make this obstacle the greatest thing that ever happened to me?"

So I asked the question to myself – what if… what if I take my more of my offerings online…what if my purpose isn’t what I am doing now but something bigger…what if this is meant for me to slow down and reassess life…what if this means we get to save the plant by less travel as people work from home more…what if we appreciate each other more and it brings the world together in a really positive way…what if this means I can grow my business beyond my geographical area in ways I had never considered…what if…you fill in the blank for you?

This situation is making people fold up (and many are) or get creative.

So I have chosen to see this as a moment of Divine Redirection and can choose to see it like this too. Find the positive focus.

Practicing gratitude can stop the downward spiral of negativity and it also allows new ideas to come forth. When you are in place of fear, no new ideas come.


Here is a link to the Mastering Your Mindset training based on Day 1 of the Business Growth Retreat, I recorded last year, which I never launched but now I think its something needed more than ever and will be a great resource to have access to as you move through these difficult times.

4. Pivot your resources and become more resourceful

Managing cash flow

Find the hidden money in your business and in your life. Make a list of low hanging fruit. Focus on what you CAN do. Look at how you can stay in the game for the next 3-12 weeks and you’ll be amazed at what new ideas you can come up with.

Come up with 50 ways to make money that you can do right now that you haven’t actioned yet. For inspiration look at the 20 ways at www.TearoomSecrets.com some wont be an option right now, but some will and some will be ways your not doing yet. Opportunities that you have actioned yet. Now’s the time to dust those ideas down and take action. Examine new opportunities which you didn’t take seriously in the past. Maybe the ones you didn’t have time for, you now have time for. When you ask it is received, not as money but as an opportunity.


Reducing expenses for non-business/mission critical resources and service. There are 2 types of expenses. Expansive and depreciative/ no longer required. Nice vs necessary. Things that will make you more money vs the things that wont.

Contact your providers of services and ask for a payment holiday and cut back where you can. Protect the money you have in your business account. But balance this out with adapting your marketing.

Use you extra time now to double down on your learning and getting more skills to help you when you get to the other side.

5. Pivot your time

This is a great time to work ON your business. Use your time wisely in every decision you make. Just because you could doesn’t mean you should. Be very discerning what you put time into and if you have a team, what you direct them to do. Plant seeds today that have the potential to grow once this is over. So things like keeping your marketing and messaging out there is very important. Plant the marketing seeds now. See having more time as a blessing.

Focus on the highest priority that will have the most impact on your business in the next few weeks and months. Time to ask yourself what’s the best use of my time right now that will set me up for future growth. What marketing can I do now I have the time? What the big project I have been putting off?

6. Pivot your Marketing

After winter comes spring.

Pivot how you are marketing to be relevant. I did a fb live yesterday looking at the health benefits of one of our teas AND how it relates to boosting immunity and keeping viruses at bay. There where many other benefits from the ingredients but I focused on those because they were RELEVANT.

Ask yourself – and write this down – How can I best serve and be of most value to my people right now?

Work on your marketing sequences and funnels now. I work with Square Marketing as a resource I wont cut back on but I will spend some time reviewing how I can make that work better by making it more relevant for now. In fact some of this content way well end up there. Or maybe you move to a weekly newsletter and if you’ve not been doing a newsletter, start! Use fb lives, video testimonials using Zoom. Its something I use for my online coaching one on ones. You people now need you more than ever! Focus every possible minute setting up the right marketing now and pivot how you are doing it. Be there for them.

  • Focus on your loyal customer base – they want to support you so ask them. And ask them what they need. Think ‘what CAN I do and HOW can I serve them better?

  • This is not the time to try to pull in new customers.  If you get them great but should not be your focus.

  • Email List – send out emails a couple of times a week to remind your customer you are open for pick up and/or delivery.  Build sequences. Do fb lives each day.

  • Social Media – post daily. Show pictures, people (past album photos are popular now reminding people of how much fun it is to connect, feature your food, special teas, etc… Everyone is on social media more than ever so again remind them you are open/ offering something.

  • Set-up a video blog and share with your community. Anything that helps you feel connected and helps them feel connected with help everyone.

7. Pivot your business model

I hear people saying I can’t do business in this climate. I never want you to say that. Rather ask the question “HOW can I do business in this climate?”

Now is not the time to cancel anything – now is the time to move it online.

How can I and how can I become more resourceful?

This is about practicing Conscious Engagement online. Foster intimacy, high touch culture in a high tech world. Going global.

Disruption creates context for new innovation and creativity. And when things go back, you might decide not to go back the way you were doing things because it might be better!

Use this as a way to reset your business model so that you are well positioned for growth later.

Take imperfect action because an imperfect something is better than a perfect nothing.

New Mantra – This is happening for me not to me. It's exactly the right motivation I need to take the next transformative step for me in my business.  

  • Modify your offer

    • Stick to the high profit & easy to execute items – if you do not know which ones these are ask me I will help you figure it out.

  • Limit what you offer – keep it simple, low cost and low effort = low man hours and lower salary costs

  • Train people how to blend their own tea. Teach them how via online training.