New Tea Types Trending

July 8, 2019

New trending teas include matcha and turmeric are making headway among more traditional blends. In addition to producing vividly colorful drinks, these newcomers boast big flavors. Many tea companies are offering turmeric-centric herbal tea blends with spicy flavor profiles. Turmeric teas are widely believed to offer a range of health benefits because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, adding to their appeal.


Matcha, on the other hand, is a Japanese green tea that’s ground into a powder, which gives it a bigger caffeine kick than your usual steeped green tea. Like turmeric, matcha is also known for its health benefits, primarily for its antioxidant qualities that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Here’s something else to smile about – its magic ingredients may even attack microbes that cause tooth decay. Plus, some Chinese medical research shows matcha is a heart-healthy beverage as well. Research shows 87 percent of the millennial generation drinks tea, slightly above the national average. 

 (Tina teaches a tea 101 and samples matcha tea at Fox 59 News Jan 2018)


Making a Splash

New creamers are emerging as innovators seek alternatives to dairy products. Creamers derived from soybeans, oats, coconuts, and almonds are increasingly popular. Bringing them in sends a signal to your team that you value their commitment to wellness and dietary needs. Tina has developed a London Fog Ice Tea Latte made with coconut milk for a refreshing summer drink to add to your menu.

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