In the service of tea – The future of extraordinary (tea) experiences

July 8, 2019

Tina Jesson, tea business consultant at  


In 2019, billions of consumers worldwide are seeking out the art of the human experience in the Experience Economy.


Today, every pet shop, dentist and local accountant are competing to win in the Experience Economy. If you’re not including extraordinary experiences in to your brand, you WILL get left behind.


But why are people demanding and even craving experiences over acquiring things. Just the other day, I heard a Grandmother telling me, that her granddaughter wanted an afternoon tea experience rather than a gift for her birthday.


In this environment, where do you start when it comes to delighting your guests, diners, shoppers, passengers, visitors, clients and even your team?


Always different, always the same…

The highly evolved Experience Economy of 2019 might make you feel dizzy. But press pause for a moment and it’s possible to get a handle on it. That starts with seeing how it’s founded on a few core, eternal truths about human nature.


Driving the endless search for new in-person experiences are a set of basic human needs that are as old as human beings themselves. The human needs for play, community, personalization, authenticity and connection - real world connection.


And, of course, the need for status. You can see that status quest – for a special story to tell oneself, and the crowd – in the frenetic search for yet another experience that is fresh, unique, cultured, anything to make people take notice. You can see it in the half a billion daily active users that Instagram Stories racked up in January 2019.


But once you understand that this avalanche of experiences all revolves, in the end, around basic human needs, you have the not-so-secret code. Then the question becomes: how can you create experiences that will tap into and serve those needs?


We all know there's nothing new about brands creating experiential spaces for the purposes of brand building, but in today's’ experience economy, the experiences we create becomes our brand.


One question to get you started:

Who in your community is suffering most from social atomization? Who lacks a safe space to get together, meet new people and try new things? Remember to challenge conventional (demographic!) thinking on these questions. For example, contrary to much popular opinion, studies often find it's actually young people, not the elderly, who most often report feelings of loneliness.


That's one of the most wonderful things about adding a tea service to a business and client experience, it allows people to come together and enjoy each-others company, be present in the real world and enjoy living in the here and now and create a lifelong ,memory (even if it just looks like it’s just to post another picture on Instagram), we know we’ve created something deep and meaningful for ourselves and our loved ones.  


Tina Jesson created to helping businesses create extraordinary experiences through immersive, tea centric events. Contact Tina for more information on how to add a tea service experience to your business.




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