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Then let’s chat about your business over a nice cup of tea


Tina and her team provided consultations at  the World Tea Expo 2019

It doesn’t have to be hard. We are here to help.

You are smart! You have great ideas. But how do you put it all together. You don't have to figure it all out alone. If you sometime feel that you are tired or just scared of hitting every road bump and wasting time reinventing the wheel, which can burn you out and take so long. Wouldn't it be amazing to have someone who is already in business, has experience and expertise they want to share with you, so you don't fall down or come to a stand still or worse - give up. There are just so many things that you don’t know that you don’t know about getting past your current situation and to where you want to be.

The way to achieve all you want, creating the great results you want and deserve: with a little expert guidance and mentoring, a shift in mindset and a trusted community to keep you on track and accountable.

It all starts with a decision to say yes to your bigger future. Once you make this commitment to change the course of your trajectory, professionally and personally, what previously seemed so far out of reach now begins to materialize in your life.

It’s that easy.

All it takes is to take that first step, in courage and with faith. We are here to help.
Where would you like to start? 

We'd love to help you establish and grow your company with more engagement, including where you are now and where you’d like to be and how we can help get you there. We can help you examine what’s currently not working and how we can best support you in reaching your business goals.

We will happily arrange for an initial consultation with Tina to help you craft your ultimate goals, next steps and map out the path to help you reach them, quicker than you would on your own.

This is what Kerrie had to say...

"Tina Jesson's depth of experience has given me new hope for my business, new ideas and how to put it all together. I am looking forward to her on-line classes and hopefully a tour or business workshop in the future. She has a wealth of knowledge on many levels: marketing, focus, creativity, and of course the tea business. She helps you focus on your own experience and what you bring to the table along with promoting your business and products. Thank you Tina for the free hour of consultation that will propel me and my business into the next season, year, and future dreams! Best wishes on your journey", Karrie Westwood (owner of Sophia's Garden LLC and Gaiwan Tea House) Huson, MT

Here’s What You’ll Get in the Strategy Session:

  • 60 minutes strategic review. The biggest challenges in your company and where you want to take your business

  • A truly personal conversation to help you identify what’s in the way of reaching your goals

  • A supportive and strategic plan that you can implement in your business right away

  • An introduction to Tea Room Secrets Training and Retreat options and how we can help you build a business that truly serves you, including what makes you unique, why it works, and how it may improve your specific situation, as it has for many business owners before you.

Reach out and let’s see if now is the time for Tea Room Secrets to take you to the next level…

The Strategy Session looks at options with no pressure to work with us further. See what others had to say

What are your business revenues

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: We don’t believe in get-rich programs – only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you share your message with a wider audience and to make a difference in the world while growing your business. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. After all, it takes hard work to succeed in any type of business. In fact, it takes hard work to succeed at ANYTHING in life! Your results in life are up to you and the amount of effort and resources that you are willing to put into succeeding. We just want to help by giving great content, direction, strategies, accountability and a community that move you forward. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only. Sadly, the average person who invests in this and other programs never puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little to no results. You’ve simply got to do the work to get results. Admittedly, this is all the regular legal my-lawyer-made-us-do-it mumbo jumbo but we feel that transparency is important and we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thanks for stopping by.

The Tea Room Secrets Business Owner...

Is HIGHLY Passionate and Creative about their business.

Sees a tea business as an opportunity to do the thing they always wanted to do, while managing life work balance.

Put effort into something worthwhile, fulfilling and which serves more people and helps people improve their life

Enjoys making their own money... but it's not their main motivation.


Creates a business on their own terms.





Desires to create a business on your own terms. After all, you are the creator of your business. It should be fun, inspiring & fulfilling.

These are the aspirations of a Tea Room Secrets Business Owner.

Sound like you? (Or who you aspire to be?) Then arrange for your free strategy call with Tina...that's what Cindy did...

My Strategy Session with Tina by Cindy Shipley

  1. Why did you reach out to Tina?

I am working toward opening a tea shop.I was dealing with concerns as to which direction to go. I am currently working with a company where I sell tea from my home an in the homes of others which is not very profitable. I really receive so much pleasure in serving and watching others enjoy spending time together. I have been trying to decide if I should go ahead and purchase a brick and mortar location to which it is so scary because I am unsure as to how to fund it and if now is the best time.

2. What was your burning question?

I was feeling so stuck. “Where do I begin???”

3. Did you find that information valuable and why?

Tina was so encouraging and helpful!  She explained that I need to develop a following through emails and contacts before I should even consider a brick and mortar. She shared the ways that she started small... The information she shared helped me to reflect and see what is most important to me.  With her encouragement I am working on a business plan just for myself not for the bank, but one that helps me develop a direction where I can start ...

4. How did your experience compare to your expectations?

To be honest I was expecting someone to laugh at me and tell me to forget it.

It was nothing like that at all. Tina was so understanding and so intoned to what I had to say. I felt so confident at the end of our conversation that I can just take small steps to reach my dream. And to be prepared to work hard.

5. What originally attracted you to speak with Tina – how did you find her?

I have been looking online at different Tea Shops. Reading about the owners and why they chose to go into this type of business.  I have learned a lot just doing that, but when I dug a little deeper into a Tea Shop in Carmel called Tina’s Traditional Tea Room, it led me to Tina’s story and her desire to help others with their “tea” passion. I was so ready to glean from her after I saw that she wanted to help.

6. If you were to review the strategy session what score would you give it out of 5?

Definite 5

7. What did you like best about your conversation?

She made me feel like anything is possible. And shared so many of her successes and failures.

The best part was the encouragement!

8. How likely is it that you would recommend taking advantage of this strategy session offer to other tea business owners? What would you say to someone who asked about us?

I would! It is so helpful to have someone that can be a mentor. To encourage you in the correct direction because they have walked the same or similar path that you are on. When you can learn from the best you can offer the best.

9. When looking for future help, how likely are you to consider working with Tina?

I would like to possibly talk to her again as I get a little further along, or if I am struggling to find the next step.

The 3-day training sounds great as well!

10. What is the primary benefit that you have received from your hour with Tina?


11. What would you see as the benefit of becoming a monthly member of TeaRoomSecrets?

To be able to check in and have someone to be accountable too to keep you on track.

12. What makes us stand out from others in the industry?

Experience and knowledge that Tina has, says it all.

Thank you Tina,

Cindy Shipley


The Power of Connection

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. I've personally had many challenges and failures. Somethings I'm not that proud of and certainly things I would do differently, but its what you learn from it is what really matters. No one is perfect and its puts stress on us to try to be. And learning to let go of that negative energy, which, if you let it, sucks your energy like an energy vampire, and ties you all up inside, so your light dims and you can't go out in to the world as the beacon of light you wish you were.

With Tea Room Secrets coaching and retreat programs, you’ll learn about setting personal standards and boundaries and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. You'll learn how to connect with Source or God or whatever greater entity you believe in and how that connection, taking time to deliberately reduce stress and dancing life's dance, can help you realign with your true self, so you can start to pour your love over those you love and of cause your yummy guests, your lovely team, your personal & business connections.

They don't say 'put on your own oxygen mask on first' for nothing!

Life in Balance

Get the Most out of Life

When you are a busy business owner its easy to forget about taking care of YOU! I know I have been there. Over worked, over stressed and over weight! Sound familiar? Imagine the life you can create when you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling and fun lifestyle, while still growing your business beyond just you. Like to know how to have the business and the LIFE you always dreamed of?  Then Tea Room Secrets coaching and retreats could be for you. Just think of the posibilities.

Business Building

Guidance Systems & Inspiration

Learn how to grow your business deliberately and on purpose. You have this amazing ability and opportunity to create the business as you want it. But sometimes is hard to see the wood for the trees once we get sucked in to the day to day operations. Making time to step away from the day to day and focus on the goals and dreams you had in the beginning, and finding a way. Taking time out to work on your business and not in it is the key. But how do you actually achieve this? Tea Room Secrets Business Development Retreats and coaching programs help you to do just that.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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Overwhelm and lack of clarity can stall business owners for months. It can be a game changer to have a knowledgeable Coach whose knows YOUR type of business, help you get clear on what’s happening in your business, what isn’t working and the necessary steps to create results… fast. This is a complimentary session with no sales pressure or commitments (promise!)